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June 12, 2019

Welcome back after the brief hiatus, folks. Let's get started!


We all know that there are self-tape recording studios for actors who want to do film and TV. If you're a musician or Musical Theatre artist have you ever wondered where you could find a space to record a song with unprecedented quality (that isn't your shower)? 


Scholes Street Studio is your place. Off the L, G, M, J and Z trains right over the bridge in Williamsburg, you can find this little gem. 


It's a recording studio equipped with everything you would ever need: a piano, vibraphone, drums, mixer, PA system, get the picture. 


It's "an ideal place for classical, jazz, new music and other musical ensembles". If you're looking to record high quality sound with a great background look for a music theater reel or submission we've had several clients who are very very happy. 


Scholes Street is only $75 an hour, and you bring your own accompanist. They can do the mixing for you for a small fee, or you can do it yourself. 


If you're looking to up your Musical game, check this place out!

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