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Film it, Pro!

Happy Wednesday gang! We're bringing you yet another exquisite resource this week. It's another app, and this one is for those who are creating their own content!

A little lesser known secret is that Stephen Soderburgh used this app to shoot Unsane...ON AN IPHONE! The story can be found here!

FiLMiC Pro is $14.99 in the AppStore, but hear me out - it's TOTALLY worth the investment:

Like a RED or Blackmagic camera, (or those others that shoot with great quality), FiLMiC Pro gives you complete control and you don't even have to put your phone down.

There are three standard shooting modes in FiLMiC Pro, allowing you to customize to your shooting style: drop focus, manually change ISO and the frame rate, and much more!

You can also shoot in LOG, or Flat Color, the app gives you Live Analytics so you can make sure you're getting the best quality - like the professional filmmakers do - ALL FROM THE APP!

We recommend pairing this app with the Røde Reporter App for the best sound quality if you're planning to shoot from your phone.

For those Android users, fear not; FiLMiC Pro is also available in the GooglePlay Store! However the Reporter app is not available.

Go out there and get creating!


Please keep in mind that this is a live document and is subject to change when more information becomes available.


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