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Client Testimonials

What Clients Are Saying...

“I WAS FLOUNDERING when I came to Actors Forum. But Bethany jumped in with both feet. She helped me understand the importance of all the little steps toward success. Her knowledge of marketing channels and tactics for the actor is superior in my experience. She also really cares, and is fully invested with us in the process. Actors Forum gave me the tools, the motivation and the support to pursue my dreams. I would recommend this group to anyone who is serious about moving their acting career forward.”

Mark Lanham, actor Difficult People, Public Theater’s The Odyssey, NYMF

"I was out of the business for almost 15 years. Headshots were B&W, reels didn’t exist and social media was a landline or pen and paper. All I brought with me was my dreams and my deep belief in what I had to offer. But I was just spinning my wheels until I met up with Bethany and was welcomed into Forum. It was like being an only child orphan who marries into a giant family of helpful supportive people.

Less than a year later, I have representation, strong connections with the MAJOR Casting directors and a plan. Oh yeah, and that wonderful group of actors to help me sharpen my skills and to lean on when that inevitable felling of WTF am I doing happens." Thanks Forum

James Anthony McBride, actor Blindspot, The Good Fight, print, and commercials

"I've been a part of the Actor's Forum for almost a year now and it's incredible how much I've learned from Bethany and the Forum friends I've made. Our weekly meetings keep me on track so I'm doing something every day for my business in 'the business.' And it's really helpful being surrounded by motivated, working actors. Folks in this group are always willing to meet up to run lines or help out with your projects—I couldn't have found a better community for where I am in my career!"

Sarah Haruko, actress -Oxygen Network, print, & commercials

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