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Why your Pilot Season May not start until March

Well we're trucking through Pilot Season and guess what? You haven't received many/any auditions?? What gives??? Well this of course is individual BUT- there may be something else going on here.

What needs to be cast first? The main stars attached. Series Regulars. And most often those offers go out to celebrities or well-known/established actors first. When does that happen? January. So that's what's up in Jan. People are casting for the big fish roles and if that's not you (yet) don't panic.

If you're looking to rack up some guest stars or co-star credits, let the dust settle and don't despair! You're more likely to be brought in toward the end of the process in March or even April. So keep on honing those skills, make your target list and use this time to workshop if you can. Your time is coming- it may just be a month or two after you think it should :)

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