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March Madness

Pilot season is upon us, but so is fear. Yes, I'm referring to the coronavirus or COVID-19 for you science geeks out there ;)

For those who haven't been keeping up with the news about it, some of it will be covered here. I didn't want to go too in depth because a lot of the fear is coming from what the media is throwing out there. Yes, it's scary that it is now at pandemic level according to the W.H.O. It's true, there aren't enough tests to go around, BUT that doesn't mean that we can't keep ourselves and everyone around us safe and healthy during this time.

Here are a few tips and such to make sure that we can all get through this together:

1. First and foremost; if you feel sick, even if you don't think it's anything serious go to the doctor OR self-quarantine yourself for 14-days. Yes, I understand that it can interfere with auditions and such, but a lot of the casting offices have been sending out self-tapes to keep other actors safe.

1a. If you are one of the unfortunate folks who does contract the virus, you should also be fine. As long as you are healthy, have an un-compromised immune system, are not pregnant, have asthma, heart disease, etc. you should be good!!

2. WASH YOUR HANDS!!! That doesn't mean scrub them raw every time, but 20-30 seconds with warm water and soap can help eliminate germs...especially after riding the subway!!

3. Speaking of the subway: if at all possible, try to ride during less peak times. If you have a survival job and HAVE to ride during those times, try to wear a scarf or some kind of protection over your face. NO, it can't prevent you from getting the virus, but it can help prevent the spread.

4. Try your very best to not touch your face, nose, eyes. The CDC claims that this is how the virus is spreading, and like any virus, they are transmitted through mucus membranes.


6. You do NOT have to wear a mask UNLESS YOU ARE SICK. Wearing a mask does NOT protect you from getting the virus, but IF you DO have it; it helps prevent other folks around you from getting it.

6a. THE ONLY people who should be wearing the masks are:

-Infected individuals

-Folks who work with elderly patients

-Someone who is in close contact with someone who is sick.

Did you know a sneeze can travel up to 6-feet?! Scary!

We hope that everyone is keeping themselves safe, that everyone is healthy, not freaking out about this, and is doing everything to make sure to keep themselves and those around them safe as well.

See you at the Co-Op!


P.S. There is a SMALL probability that the city may be shut down. If that does happen, remember to stock up on eggs, milk, and bread, water and disinfectant. It's what my mom always said to have during a blizzard or something. FRENCH TOAST ALL DAY!!

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