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How a small decision can turn your life around

There are millions of decisions we could make. Every day. And they all lead to different actions with different people. But I'm here to tell you there is one small decision you could make that can turn your life around.


Here is it: The decision to stay consistent.

And. This. Is. Hard.

Because consistency is, well, kinda boring. As actors we are used to getting a new script and honing in on it, learning all kinds of new things from accents or languages, to the history and life skills surrounding our characters. And then we move on. To something new.

But the small week to week, day to day tasks of routinization that never change can be the most difficult thing for us. And those are the skills that keep a business going. Routinely reading the trades, submitting, emailing your contacts, etc. is key because it keeps our relationships alive and our prospects of new work open.

So decide: pick one thing to be consistent about. and PRACTICE it. Practice consistency in submitting. Or thanking one person on your contact list for something each week. Add that one thing into your routine for a month. See how consistently showing up for yourself can change your entire business.

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