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Learn how I free myself from audition anxieties with these 3 simple steps

We've all heard it- but it's true. Auditioning can be a crazy mind-F*#&. It's one thing if you let your nerves get the best of you. At least you KNOW what happened.

But what about when I do well??? At least I thought I did well... Or there was that one part when I did that thing that was great, but after that, like that one moment where I wasn't connected, but it was only a second and then I was totally back, but what if that was what they saw, and that was why they didn't call, but I also this... and also that.. and also and also and also.

Here are the steps I regarding my auditions:

1) Know that you are not competing against ANYONE. I'll say it again: you are not competing against ANYONE. So say it out loud to yourself.

Unless you have an identical twin, and that twin has had all exactly the same life experiences as you to draw from, and will have the exact same timing, world-view, and emotional availability, then you are going to do something no one else will do. Which leads me to #2.

2) No one can do what you can do. Literally, actually NO one. And that is empowering. You will walk into that room and do something totally unique. So get excited for it! As Bryan Cranston says, this IS your opportunity to perform. Which brings me to #3.

3) Bring your performance level A-game. Get it coached. Nothing allows me to get excited (#2) about my performance like knowing in my heart that I have something special crafted to share. So put the work into it! And then Bring it with a little glee. Cuz hey, you might not the part, but you showed A-level acting. And THAT'S what brings you in again and again.

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