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Why a Specific and Thrilling Goal is SO Important

So let me tell you a true story about my friend Sam. Or rather, my friend Sam's passion for antique furniture and design.

She had been looking for a very SPECIFIC type of bed. She looked on websites and in stores, constantly screening for the right fit for her. And she finally found one on a website that was perfect. And it wasn't even that far! (She had been considering purchasing in England to find it.) Excited, she emailed the website immediately to get the information. And she waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Nothing. So she wrote again. Still nothing. She wrote again. And again. And again. She wrote 10 times and still she never heard anything. And Most people might've left it there. I mean, 10 times is a LOT...

But Sam noticed there was a business address.

So she looked up other businesses in the neighborhood and gave them a call. She found out if the furniture store was still open. When she got a yes, she asked if she could leave her number with them and if they'd be willing to tell the antiques dealer that she had called. She left this message with several stores in the area. And she waited.

And one day, he called. He said in all of his years as a antique dealer, he'd never seen someone so persistent. That the store wasn't really a store anymore, just a warehouse that kept old stock. That he'd forgot about that bed listing. That, in fact, the neighboring store told him to check that old email address because she left him a message. And he came back: he did have it, and he would get it to her. So, after many months and many attempts, she DID get her perfect bed.

Why am I telling this story?? For Sam the bed was a THRILLING goal. She was so motivated by the end game that she was willing to seek out other avenues and ask for help to get what she wanted. She stepped out of her comfort zone because she knew that the bed was the exact fit for her.

That bed is your role. Or that Director you want to work with. Or that Emmy you'd like on your mantle

. Whatever goal is TRULY THRILLING to you. Because being that passionate will push you out of your comfort zone, drive you to persist where others give up, and encourage you to simply get more creative when you hear a 'no' rather than give up.

So check your goal-- if it doesn't give you a spark, rephrase it or rethink it. Or dream bigger.

Because then, as with Sam, hearing 'no' won't stop you.

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