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Easy Listening (Podcasts)

We've all been on the train listening to our preferred ear candy, but what if I told you there was a way to get the best of both worlds? Acting advice AND great listening materials. you can! Some of you may even listen to some of these. Cast your attention on these pods...sorry. Pod your attention?... Anyway! Check out these excellent, yet VERY informative podcasts that can be found on iTunes FO' FREE! That's right. F.R.E.E.

All you ever needed was your phone (except you weird Android users...fortunately they are available for you too!)

Go get your info on!


Audrey Helps Actors (Suggested start episode #7 w/ Falk Herschel)

That 1 Audition (Suggested start episode w/ Michelle Monaghan

The Need to Fail (Suggested start episode w/ Kristen Bartlett or Jessica St. Clair

Living the Dream (Suggested start episode w/ Rory O'Malley, Kate Flannery, or Rachel Bloom)


As always, this is a living document, so we will continue to update these as we're suggested more! Enjoy!

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