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W.A.P.s (Writers/Actors/Producers)

Multi-talented individuals look no further! Resources out the wazoo comin' atcha from the depths of the inter-webs! Resources for Writers, Actors, Producers, the whole lot of you! You've come to the right place, now go spread your creative wings and make some magic!



Below are some resources that you might find handy when that writers block kicks in. All of them can be purchased on Amazon, B&N, or your local bookstore via The Strand (tbh one of my favorite places).

First up: we've got Save the Cat, by Blake Snyder (RIP). If you're looking to write a film screenplay, this helpful guidebook can show what should be done as well as what NOT to do. Oh, and there are fun exercises to do for your noggin at the end of each chapter!

Next up: for those of you looking to write a teleplay or TV series, you can get crafty with Crafty TV Writing by Alex Epstein. This book will teach you the ins and outs of what makes great television, and how to break down everything you've ever seen, and teach you how to write it. If you like being the person in the room who ruins every plot point during a show or movie...well, 1. don't be that person, and 2. not all of us have caught up on GOT so don't spoil anything...

Following that, if you're an avid theatre-goer and have ever thought about writing your own play, there's a resource, or rather a guidebook for you too! Introducing The Playwrights Guidebook: blahblahblah Dramatic Writing by Stuart Spencer. Let's all take dramatic pause..........aaannndd moving on.

Last but not least: when you've written your script and you believe it's the most perfect, outstanding piece of material ever written by human hands, you can attempt to sell it...and yes, there's a book to help you along the way to do that. Introducing: Selling a Screenplay: The Screenwriters Guide to Hollywood by Syd Field.



So...ya wanna be a producer? All that hard is worth I've been told.

If you've ever thought about producing your own content, (since that's the "in" thing to do now) or you've been wondering what producing is all about, there's a book for ya!

So You Want to Be a Producer by Lawrence Turman will put you on the right path by teaching you the nuts and bolts of producing!



Hello, compadres! Since you've made it this far (or just scrolled down to find this info), there are some books available to help us, as actors as well; not just on the acting side of things, but on the business side as well!

Coming first from across the pond (actually I have no idea where it was written) is Acting in Film by Michael Caine. This doesn't just pertain to film acting, but can be a guide to stage as well. I'll put some other great technique books at the end.

Mr. Caine discusses his perspective on how films should be made, but also how to best set yourself up for success. You can even read it in a British accent if you like!

Following Michael Caine, is yet another remarkable actor and writer, Jenna Fischer with her book The Actor's Life. She tells her journey while giving an insider look on the "how to's" of the business side of acting.


Acting Technique Books

As promised, here are some basic acting technique books that you can use to help expand your repertoire.

The Stanislavsky System or An Actor Prepares is first. I'm not entirely sure if this is the first acting book, but it gives you all the skills to be the most prepared actor out there!

Following Stanislavsky, is Uta Hagen, who is one of the most renowned stage actresses of her time. In her books Respect for Acting and A Challenge for the Actor, she details her vision on how to prepare for a scene or show. She goes so far as to discuss the best way to understand the content within a script! Super useful. You can also choose to study one of the other techniques taught throughout the city, including Meisner, Stella Adler, William Esper, and the list goes on and on...


Phew! I hope that I've opened the doors for you that you thought were closed, helped you come to the realization that anything is possible; from novice writers to the all-stars, to the people who make everything in production happen, as well as those who prefer to be in front of the camera and entertain.

Remember you can do anything you set your mind to, and no dream is too big or too small!


Please keep in mind that this is a live document and will be updated when new materials become available to us.

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