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Speaking of Voice Over

Voice Actors, listen up! The newest VO self-submit sites are H.E.R.E.!

To give some context, V123 has just made changes to their site and changed their payment plans. For their "premium" subscription, which allowed you to audition for whatever you liked, the site ranked you on two criteria:

1. Feedback from auditions/bookings

2. How quickly you responded to auditions and messages from clients.

This made sense, however, they've now changed their membership so you pay $1,500 per quarter so you get first dibs on everything. NO. MATTER. WHAT.


That being said, we're bringing you two great self-submission resources that you can use immediately to book everything under the sun! ((putting this into the universe for y'all))


I tell people that it's better to put your hand into different things because that presents more opportunities. This isn't any different. Plus VO peeps, you have your own PLANET!

It's like a Casting Networks for Voice Overs. For $199/year you get castings sent to your email, jobs with VO coaching and demo production, and you get to build relationships with clients which is equally, if not more important.


Now is the time everyone has been waiting for; Aaron's Affirmations!

Even though there have been some changes in the Voice Over world, things are still looking up! Similar to last week, and a great way to wrap up this weeks post: believe where you're headed. The bigger picture is closer than you think. Go and get it!


Please keep in mind that this is a live document and will be updated when more resources become available!

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