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Ever needed a self-tape on-the-fly?

This week's resource is We Audition.

For the actors in the room, you know how annoying it can be to try to book a space, find someone to read for you, AND get your self-tape completed without rushing to get it done.

Well, you're in luck! With a measly We Audition subscription ($10/month--the same as Actors Access and Casting Networks), you get ALL of these amazing perks:

-Rehearse with anyone, anytime via video chat

-Record your self-tapes with a REAL reader

-Submit to auditions and general meetings

-Get career advice, 1-on-1 from industry professionals

-And much more!

If it seems too good to be true, you're sadly mistaken ;) Also, if you're interested in becoming a reader, you can do that and even get paid for those services!!


Aaron's Affirmations


Please keep in mind that this a live document and will be updated when more resources become available!

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