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Resize YOUR Story

Hey gang! As you can tell from the title we're talking about Resizing our "Stories"; fortunately not our lives per-se, rather a Social Media goodie.

A little feature of Instagram -- the Stories allow you to post videos (up to 1-min long), as well as photos! They typically only last for 24hrs before disappearing into the aether...sort of.

The feature I'm going to share with you is called "ResizeForStory". It's $2.99 in the AppStore and well worth it! You'll find out why below :)

For those of you who attended the Pop-Up, this was not a featured app!

If you've ever attempted to post a photo on Insta you might have realized that it completely blows up the picture, and may cause the resolution to be a little funky.

RFS allows you to crop/resize photos so they fit comfortably on the screen when you decide to post said stories without distorting the resolution! The app claims that you can "post any of your images to Instagram regardless of their size and date! Fascinating!

You can also edit up to 10 photos at once using the built-in editing features. RFS also allows you to post any photos with no 24-hour limit as well.

Not only can you do all of those nifty things, but you can ALSO post full-size videos with the ability to crop them from the center, rather than having to zoom out and hope the quality of the video stays.

I hope that you've enjoyed this week's Marketing Update with ResizeForStory! Check out the app and let us know what you think of it at the next IG Pop-Up!


Please keep in mind that this blog is a live document and is subject to change.

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