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Shots to the Head

Happy Wednesday y'all!

We've got a REALLY good resource for you this week. We're talking headshots...and where to print them! We all know that doing so makes you feel like (see gif below):

If you've been in the biz for a while, you've probably found your own preferred places that you go to to print your headshots. We're going to share some other stellar places that we've been informed of so you have other options to choose from.

First up, we've got the place everyone knows about:

Reproductions offers many services including: Retouching, Prints (which we'll focus on in a second), Postcards, Business cards, and Comp cards.

So, the creme de la creme. How much are the headshots? You can get 25 of them for $55. Not too shabby. Moving on.

Second, we've got another "go-to" place we've been recommended: Quick Color Custom Photo Lab.

They provide all of the same services at Reproductions, HOWEVER you can get 25 headshots for $40. This is where I go, and they're GREAT!

Next, we've got (This was a recommendation).

They have a flat rate for their headshots. For 25 of them you'll pay $30, BUT get FREE retouching, and proofs. Seems like a steal if you ask me!

Last, we've got Dirt Cheap Headshots...I know. What a name! I've used this service before, and they're great!

They offer similar services as the other companies listed above, and you can get 25 headshots for $35. They're shipped from LA as well, so if you need them in a pinch and you're in the NY area, you might want to skip out on these guys. They are really nice, and the headshots come out looking great!


Please keep in mind that this is a live document. We will continue to update these resources as new information becomes available.


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