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New Year, New You?

Happy 2020 Forumites!

The time after the holidays can be rough; We plan to get the jump on all of the resolutions we've made in December (or let's be real, even last January...) and yet we're finding even less motivation to get started.

Luckily, there are ways to get started that aren't terribly difficult even for the procrastinators out there. In fact, some of them are actually quite creative and can be fun to do!

I won't bore you with ALL of the details because that's one of my resolutions ;) but rather give you the resources so you can get out there and crush those goals. This article, written in Forbes (from 4 years ago mind you) still holds true with ways to get motivated, and stay that way.

Which of the methods are you going to implement to get this year started on the right foot?

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